Knock Yourself Out is episode 59a of Comedy World. It premiered on Kids' WB on April 14, 2001.


PC Guy and Eric sign up for wrestling classes to toughen themselves up, but when they find out they have to wrestle Tony Gibbler at the end of the semester, their fears make a turn for the worse. However, is he as bad as people make him out to be?



  • This episode is available to watch on the Love is In the Air DVD and the Season 3 Volume 2 box set.
  • This episode takes place before every episode where the brothers have interacted with Tony, because in this segment, they do not know who he is, and the rumors that he sat on someone during a wrestling match until they suffocated doesn't fail to scare them.
  • The title card track for this episode has changed three times.
    • In the original airing, it was Chill Out by The Surfdusters.
    • After the original airing and during TV airings before 2003, it was K-55 by The Woodies.
    • In TV airings after 2003, it was replaced with Secret Agent SquarePants by Nicolas Carr.
      • Despite all these changes, DVD releases and Boomerang airings still have K-55 as the title card track.


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