Lakeside may be New York's sixth borough, but contrary to popular belief, it is as miserable as it gets. It was founded in 1609 by British explorer, Harry Sauls, but little did he know what he discovered would eventually become the worst place in America. Lakeside is home to corrupt politicians, rent more expensive than in Manhattan, criminals, terrorism threats, and the worst school in the country. You're better off in the other boroughs. Or anywhere outside of New York, honestly. Sure, anything is still possible here, but it depends on how much of your sanity you're willing to risk.
— description
Lakeside is the sixth borough of New York, and the main setting of Edward and Eric. Its' only city is Lakeside City.


Lakeside is the largest borough out of all the other five. It has countless high-rise apartments, skyscrapers, office buildings, restaurants, and much more. Some examples of the most successful businesses in the borough are Pearson Pizza and Breault Burgers.

Lakeside is the United States' major commercial, financial and cultural center. It has many landmarks, museums and other sightseeing attractions. Headquarters for several worldwide businesses are located here. The borough is also a spotlight for musicals and plays, as well as filmings for hit TV shows and movies. The popular Obnoxious Music Hall building (parody of Radio City Musical Hall) is situated in the middle of the district, with its bright lights contrasting the neighboring Sauls Cathedral. And of course, this list of attractions isn't complete without mentioning the popular lake, Lakeside Lake.



Lakeside is within the humid continental climate zone. The borough's climate consists of long, freezing, and snowy winters, practically nonexistent springs, relatively warm summers, and very cold autumns.


  • During development of the series, Lakeside did not have a lake at all.
  • Lakeside is located west of Manhattan and north of Staten Island.
  • Lakeside is often left off of official maps of New York, due to how horrible it is.
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