Great to visit, better to leave!
— The city’s slogan
Lakeside City is the main setting in Edward and Eric. It is the only city in New York's sixth borough, Lakeside. The current population is 9,051,998, which is a reference to the date the series debuted (September 5, 1998).


Lakeside City is highly questionable when it comes to its law enforcement and education system, but other than that, it's a city teeming with life. It is filled with both classic and modern buildings and transportation, apartments, and several neighborhoods. The neighborhoods arrange from lower to upper class.


  • The city has an extremely large population of wasps and hornets, and they are always a problem for citizens, especially during the summer.
    • However, several residents still participate in wasp watching (an obvious parody of birdwatching).
  • The live-action model of the city used in certain scenes looks completely different in The Edward and Eric Movie, due to Sauls losing the original model.
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