Lakeside Forest, as the name suggests, is a forest located in Lakeside City. It is one of the many countless of locations in Edward and Eric. It made its debut appearance in the season 1 episode, Frantic Sensations.


Lakeside Forest is a large forest that is home to many types of plants and animals. Several different kinds of trees and rocks make up the surroundings. There is also a waterfall that lives on one of the cliffs. The forest has a spooky nature to it, to the point where it has been rumored whoever has been stranded in the middle of the forest, has never lived to tell the tale. However, the forest's eerie vibe doesn't stop people from visiting it, as it is a popular spot for hiking and camping.

The forest is a major location in a few episodes, such as Going Camping and The Grass is Always Eric-er.


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