Lemon-aid is episode 107a of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on May 29, 2004.


Edward and Eric build a lemonade stand so they can buy a new air conditioner.

Cast (WIP)


  • This episode was set to be partnered with That's a Record!, but it ended up being paired with The Little Fly instead.
  • This is the third time where a heatwave hits Lakeside City, with the second instance being There's So Much to Sea, and the first being Keep Cool.
  • Although this episode premiered in 2004, it was produced in 2003 according to the copyright date at the end of the credits.
  • There was a rumor that in the original airing, there was blood in the scene where Eric hit his hand with the knife, causing it to pop like a balloon. However, this was later proven to be false by one of the storyboard artists.
  • This episode premiered in Latin America on January 16, 2004, which was four months before it did in the United States.
  • The title is a reference to a scene in the episode where the brothers are constructing the stand, and Eric misspells "Lemonade", which causes the lemonade stand's name to be "Lemon-aid" as a result.
  • "On the Beach" by Kapono Beamer serves as the title card track for this episode.
    • In fact, this is the only instance where it's the title card track for an episode.


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