Throughout the run of Comedy World, fellow supporting character Dallas Jones has endured a brutal rivalry with the show's main antagonist, Carver Brutus. Here is a list of all of their fights that they've had with each other.

Season 1

The School Bully

  • After being punished by his parents for chasing down PC Guy and Eric, Carver decided to ambush them at a faraway warehouse. Right when the brothers were about to get crushed at a conveyor belt, Dallas swooped right in and had a fight with Carver that was long overdue. The brawl concluded with Carver getting punched to Italy. But since Italy is shaped like a boot, Carver was kicked to the moon, and he crashed into it so hard that it turned into a crescent.
  • At the end of the episode, a badly wounded Carver tried to kick Eric down a flight of stairs, but Dallas managed to sneak up on him, and Carver was punched hard enough that he traveled back in time and turned into a baby.

A New Friend

  • Dallas punched Carver so hard, that Carver bounced through the entire solar system as if he were a pinball.
  • Near the end of the episode, Dallas forced the animator to erase Carver with his pencil.

Season 2

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