Throughout the run of Comedy World, the protagonist, PC Guy, has created a handful of inventions. Here is an official list of his creations.


  • Grappling Hook - This is the invention that PC Guy carries the most, and it usually saves his life with ease. He first fabricated it in the season 2 episode, New Singer in Town.
  • Memory Eraser - Like what the name implies, the memory eraser is a small handheld gun that is capable of erasing any desired memories from anybody's minds.
  • Bully-proof Vest - This is a personal kind of armor that debuted in its own namesake episode. It is a powerful uniform that comes with various weapons, including brass knuckles, a flamethrower, and a sledgehammer.


  • Time Stopper - Like how the name says, this invention is capable of freezing time. It is designed to resemble a watch, and it can be worn around the user's wrist without any difficulties.
  • Imagination Manifestation - A helmet that will allow someone's imagination to come to life when it is worn.
  • Rex Whistle - As the name implies, it is a whistle with a sole purpose to summon the Ty-Rannell-Saurus Rex. PC Guy uses it in a plot-critical moment in Snod-Ball.


  • Time Machine - This device allows PC Guy to go forwards or backwards through time and space. It broke down in Prehistoric Eric, but was repaired in Acne Insanity.
  • Spaceship - This space cruiser is remarkably faster than light, and it can allow anybody inside of it to quickly travel through the universe.
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