I mainly became a food critic as an excuse to get free food. But I really like giving opinions, too, ya know?
— Mac
Mac Donald was a minor character in Edward and Eric. He was considered to be the most important food critic in the country. He is voiced by Gordon Ramsay.


Mac Donald's only appearance was in the season 2 episode, Bottom of the Food Chain, where he served as a major character. He was visiting Lakeside City to review the city's local restaurants, and Breault Burgers and Pearson Pizza both satisfied him the most. Eventually, he became both of Paul and Bill's best customers, even more so than Tony. Near the end of the episode, he was asked by Paul and Bill which restaurant from the duo he liked more. Since he couldn't couldn't just pick one, his head abruptly exploded, and he was never seen again afterwards.


  • His name is a play on words with the American fast food chain, McDonald's.
  • While most deaths in the series are intended for quick jokes that aren't supposed to affect the show's continuity, Mac Donald has never appeared in another episode.
  • His original name was Denny, which is a reference to the diner-style restaurant, Denny’s.
  • Ironically, Mac Donald is voiced by Gordon Ramsay, who is a real-life food critic.
    • However, unlike Mac Donald, Ramsay is well known for his explosive temper.
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