Gaylord, why can't you just be like your little brother?!
— Mama
Mama Walker is a minor character in Comedy World. She is the mother of Principal Walker and Nicholas. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Mama is a naggy mother who works in the comfort of her own home. As seen in a few flashbacks, she was a slim woman in the past, but over the years, she gained weight. She is more of a mother to Nicholas than Principal Walker, since she isn't afraid to admit that Nicholas has "always been her favorite", and she treats him with as much love as possible. She constantly berates Principal Walker for everything she can pull out of her sleeve.


  • In one episode, Principal Walker openly stated that Mama left him in a ditch shortly after he was born. Whether he was joking or not is still unknown to this day.
  • Just like Nicholas, Mama always refers to Principal Walker by his first name, much to his annoyance and embarrassment.
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