I wanna get a pet monkey and name him Admiral Apeface!
— Match Girl
Match Girl is a supporting character in Edward and Eric, and the sidekick of Match Boy. She is the deuteragonist of the comic book series, Match Boy & Match Girl. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


If anything is to go without saying, it's that Match Girl is simpleminded. She is incompetent and prefers to have fun and focus on the good parts of everything instead of defeating villains and stopping crime. She greatly admires animals as she talks about them a lot. She tends to cause trouble, but always comes out unscathed - instead, it's Match Boy who ends up getting injured from her nonsensical capers.


  • In the video games (except for three of them), she is voiced by Rachael Lillis instead of Grey DeLisle. Lillis is well known for providing the voices of Misty and Jessie in the Pokemon anime series throughout seasons 1 to 8.
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