These follow the guidelines set by the Wikia Guidelines and the Wikia Terms of Use. Plus others that are Creativeness-wiki only rules.

Welcome to the CREATIVENESS WIKI, the creative home for content.

Rules and guidelines

These are the rules and guidelines of this wiki. Failure to adhere to these rules and guidelines can result in a temporary or permanent block/chat ban.


  • Do not vandalize. Vandalism is malicious and intrusive editing of another user's content.
  • Do not discriminate. Discrimination is unjust treatment of other people due to characteristics they may embody (such as skin tone, gender identity or nationality). This includes the use of slurs, even if you say them as a joke.
  • Do not be disrespectful nor hostile. Being disrespectful or hostile to someone or attacking someone is not allowed, regreadless of the motive.
    • Do not intimidate others. Intimidation is when a user threatens and/or bullies another user for any purpose.
  • Do not spam. Spam is irrelevant content that is purposed to cause disruption in the wiki.
  • Do not create nonsensical pages. If you wish to create nonsensical content, do so in blog posts and/or forum posts or go to Creation Wiki (our subsidiary).
  • Do not hack other users. Hacking other users by any means will result in a definite block. Fandom Staff may also be contacted depending on the severity of the situation.
  • Do not reveal personal information. Personal information includes addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers and full names. Only tell personal information in private chat messages to those who you know in real life. Doxxing is also prohibited.
  • Do not troll other users. Trolling is when a user delibrately offends and/or tricks another user in some way for their own enjoyment.
  • Do not minimod. Minimodding is when a user acts like a certain rank when they are not belonging to that rank.


  • Do not spam. Spamming is when multiple messages are sent in a short span of time to cause disruption in the chat.
  • Do not abuse chat tags.
  • Do not abuse the video feature.

Images, videos and audio

  • Do not upload pornographic content.
  • Do not upload content that contains depictions of gore.
  • Do not upload loud videos with no volume warnings beforehand.
  • Do not upload videos with rapidly flashing lights with no seizure warnings beforehand.
  • Do not upload shock videos. Shock videos are videos produced to frighten the viewer with disturbing content that appears without warning.
  • Do not upload pirated content.
  • Do not upload loud audio with no volume warnings beforehand.
  • Do not upload audio that automatically plays.
  • Do not upload pirated content.

Categorization rules

  • Always use plurals in category names.
  • Do not use title case in category names. For example, use "Video games" instead of "Video Games".

Page guidelines

Administrators and content moderators have the right to edit any sort of content, regardless if they are or are not allowed to edit the content. Abuse of this privilege may result in demotion and/or blocking.

This is a list of what types of pages are not allowed on the wiki. If you have a suggestion or you want to request an exemption, please contact an administrator.

What is not allowed

  • Anything that violates the general/media rules
  • Erotica and sexual content
  • Pages with pirated content
  • Pages with nothing on them
  • Nonsensical pages (see "Do not create nonsensical pages" in the General rules above)
  • Pages with excessive bad grammar (bad grammar may be fixed by a content moderator or administrator)
  • Pages that abuse wikitext/templates in a way that may disrupt/slow down devices

Rank rules


  • Do not abuse your powers in any way.
  • Do not break rules. Rules apply to every user, no matter what rank they are.
  • Do not alter or remove other people's messages to make them look bad.


  • Treat all users equal when it comes to rulebreaking, no matter what rank they may be.
  • Do not change the wiki's theme without a community vote or permission from other administrators.

Chat moderators

  • Do not kick or ban without reason (unless the user being kicked or bans requests as such)
  • Do not kick or ban users who are away.

Content moderators

  • Do not edit other people's pages when no edits have to be made.
  • Do not correct a user's grammar without asking them first.

Discussions moderators

  • Do not merge forum boards before having a community vote or having permission from the other administrators.


  • Small pages that are not made bigger within a certain amount of time can be deleted by administration.
  • If a page has misleading and/or incorrect information about a real thing (a Wikipedia-like article), please notify an administrator.
  • Adding useful categories to pages and correcting mistakes are allowed to be done without permission from the page owner.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.