Monster Mania is episode 9b of Comedy World. It premiered on Kids' WB on October 31, 1998.


A group of monsters led by Satan attack Lakeside City on Halloween night, so it's up to The Lucky 6 to defend Lakeside from the monsters.


Tony, Sierra, Skipper, Travis and Igor make silent cameo appearances.


  • This segment is available to watch on the There's No Place Like Home VHS and DVD, as well as The Complete First Season DVD boxset.
  • This segment, along with its sister segment, reran on the morning on November 1, 1998, in case anybody missed the initial broadcasts.
  • A Halloween version of the show's theme song plays as the end credits theme.
    • However, this does not play during the credits for The Complete First Season's second disc.
  • Malleus Mallificarum (a) by Dave Hewson serves as the title card track for this episode.


(Episode opens at a shot of Lakeside's skyline at precisely 12:00 A.M., on October 31)

The Narrator: Ah, midnight in Lakeside - where any restaurant imaginable is still open, and where men look at dubious sites on the Internet.

(Dark, large fog suddenly appears, and it covers the whole city)

The Narrator: (coughs) Gah! It smells bad! (coughs) What's going on?!

(Satan appears holding a pitchfork)

Satan: (laughs) Halloween is always my favorite day! (to the audience while putting on a party hat) And it's also my birthday. (advances towards the camera) SO TELL ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY, OR ELSE!

(Please Stand By)

Satan: Soon, some important friends and I will make this our town, and eventually, OUR WORLD! (laughs)

Man: (offscreen) I'm trying to SLEEP over here!

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