My classroom is the safest and friendliest of them all, so it's no wonder students keep taking my class even though they already have a credit!
— Mr. Goodman
Timothy "Tim" Goodman, better known as Mr. Goodman, is a supporting character in Edward and Eric. He is the Health teacher of Lakeside City School, and is voiced by Gary Sauls.


Mr. Goodman is one of the few school's faculty who is not corrupt in any sort of way whatsoever. He is polite to anybody he encounters (an exception being Principal Walker) -- most notably his students. He always has good intentions, and he even has a part-time job at the local homeless shelter. In dangerous situations, he won't hesitate to sacrifice anything for the well-being of his students. Goodman always awards his students for their efforts, as he believes hard work pays off. He encourages his students to work together, and allows them to leave class early if they finish any assignment on time. Goodman also ensures his students have second chances whenever they fail an assignment, and he always gives out extra credit.


  • His surname is a play on words with his generous personality.
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