If marriage is grand, does that mean divorce is ten-grand?
— Mr. Rattlebag
Mr. Rattlebag is a minor character in the animated series, Edward and Eric. He is the landlord of Avenue A Apartment. He is voiced by Mike Pollock.


Mr. Rattlebag is a single father to at least eight kids, and he is notorious for having a short temper and abusing his authority as a landlord. He usually evicts people for the smallest offenses, and he will not hesitate to demand cash from the apartment's residents at random times.


  • Mr. Rattlebag shares the same voice actor with Principal Walker, Dr. Feelwell, and several background characters.
  • To this day, he is still holding a grudge against his ex-wife who he had divorced "sometime back when disco music was cool" (the 1980s).
  • He has a very strict No Pet policy, and he is bent on finding Oscar so he can evict the Pearsons.
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