My homemade hot cakes are actually selling like hot cakes!
— Mr. Watanabe
Hirokatsu Watanabe​, better known as Mr. Watanabe, is a recurring character in the animated series, Comedy World. He is of Japanese descent, and is the owner of the local gas station, Fill 'Er In. He is voiced by Mako Iwamatsu.


Mr. Watanabe is generally a well-mannered individual who is polite to his customers. He is the target of many pranks set off by children and teenagers, most notably Carver Brutus. He is known to always be calm, even while being robbed. As revealed in a couple of episodes, he strongly dislikes American conservative politicians.


  • In the past, he has had numerous odd jobs, including a milkman, a custodian at Lakeside City School, and even a childbirth educator.
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