If patience is a virtue, WHY can't "hurry up" be one?!
— Mrs. White
Catherine White is a supporting character in Edward and Eric. She is the Algebra teacher of Lakeside City School, and Principal Walker's unwilling assistant. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Mrs. White is the stereotypical "teacher that nobody likes". She loves to give out overwhelming amounts of homework every single day (even on the last day of school or the day before winter break), but her other most notable trait is how impatient she is. She treats time as "a stupid concept" and always thinks that rushing things is better than taking your time. Although she may seem evil, she really isn't. She knows deep down there are great people inside her students, and the only thing she truly wants is to teach her students the right stuff and ensure them a good future in mathematics.


  • In the first season, Mrs. White always spoke in a deep voice when she was badly wounded.
  • Since Principal Walker does not make any sort of income, Mrs. White is the one who (unwillingly) pays the bills for his basement apartment.
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