National Eric Day was an event on Kids' WB that took place on September 15, 2001. Three new episodes of Comedy World premiered during this event. Alongside that, several Eric-centered episodes were aired. It took up half of the block's schedule.


  • 9:30am - It's All the Rage (New) - A new toy becomes popular at Lakeside City School, so PC Guy tries to see what the hubbub is about.
  • 9:45am Bike Intellectz (New) - Enjoy an instructional video of the right (and wrong) ways on how to ride a bicycle, starring PC Guy and Eric.
  • 9:49am - Bleeding Heart (New) - Joey stalks a girl because he's convinced that she "likes" him.
  • 10:00am - Lawn-NO-ing - Eric has to mow the apartment's courtyard or else Mr. Rattlebag will evict them. Unfortunately, Eric has his mind set to a video game he just bought...
  • 10:15am - Eric for Principal - Eric unintentionally becomes the principal of Lakeside City School, but then the power goes over his head.
  • 10:30am - Where Did That Hair Come From?! - After being called immature, Eric decides to act like an adult. And boy, do things get crazy from there.
  • 10:45am - Club Eric - PC Guy accidentally hurts Eric's feelings by forgetting to add him to The Lucky 8, so Eric starts his own club.
  • 11:00am - The Right to Be Alone - Everybody, except for Eric, is evacuated from Lakeside City overnight due to a hurricane warning. And with Eric being the only remaining citizen, guess what that means?
  • 11:15am - Son of a Fish! - Eric wins a pet fish from a cheap carnival game, but then he eats him (since he thought he was a Goldfish cracker), so PC Guy must take drastic measures by shrinking himself.
  • 11:30am - Eric a la Mode - Combine too much ice cream with Eric, and that will equal an unforgettable nightmare!
  • 11:45am - New Singer in Town - Eric is set to star in a televised talent show so that he can sing, but PC Guy must stop him so the world won't hear his abysmal singing voice.


  • Weeks before this event started, people could go on and vote between a National Carver Day or a National Eric Day. Eric ended up sweeping the election, leaving Carver in his dust.
    • Ironically enough, a season 4 episode titled Carver Day eventually premiered four months later.
  • The Kids' WB Big Premiere was supposed to take place on September 15, but then this event got in the way of that. As a result, the Kids' WB Big Premiere was delayed to the 29th.
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