Well, Gaylord, I'm just gonna repeat what Mom once told you: don't go over your head.
— Nicholas
Nicholas Walker is a minor character in Edward and Eric. He is the younger brother of Principal Walker. He is voiced by Christopher Sabat.


Nicholas is everything Principal Walker wanted to be: rich, successful, muscular, handsome, and slim. Nicholas works as the CEO of Pear (an obvious parody of Apple), and he makes a living off of it. Nicholas is a charming individual, as he always sports a smile on his face, and he has a can-do attitude that inspires others. He is oblivious to his brother's hatred of him, since he thinks that he's showing "brotherly love".


  • Nicholas always calls Principal Walker by his first name, much to his annoyance and embarrassment.
  • Humorously enough, he is much taller than Principal Walker, despite being his younger brother. His voice is also a lot deeper than his.
  • Fans usually compare him to All Might from My Hero Academia, who Christopher Sabat also voices (in the English dub).
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