SpongeBob Music Nostalgic Hawaii

SpongeBob Music Nostalgic Hawaii

Nostalgic Hawaii is a Associated Production Music track that was composed by Jan Rap. It occasionally plays in Comedy World.


Season 1

  • 1b. Pranks for Nothing - The ending.
  • 3a. Frantic Sensations - The brothers grow some flowers, but little do they know it's right next to a deadly wasp nest.
  • 9b. Monster Mania - Constantinos walks out wearing his Halloween costume (a pink bunny outfit, similar to the one from A Christmas Story).


Season 2


Season 3

Season 6


  • After only being used in one Season 3 episode, this track wasn't used again until Hit and Run, where it was also the final time it played in the series. It was also the only time it was ever used in the post-movie era.
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