Occupied! is episode 62b of Comedy World. It premiered on Kids' WB on August 18, 2001.


Constantinos has to use the bathroom, but for him, it is impossible to get some privacy.



  • The way this episode is narrated is similar to a poem.
  • Along with its sister episodes, The Game of Lice and The Millennium's a-Comin', the color palette in this segment is darker than usual and is more washed out.
  • This episode is at least 4 minutes long, as opposed to the normal duration of 11 minutes.
  • This is one of the few episodes where Eric is absent.

Transcript (WIP)

[The episode begins with The Narrator holding a book in his hands]

The Narrator: Hello, folks. Today, I'll be telling you a story about our favorite foreign student, Constantinos. [he opens up the book]

[Constantinos is participating in a water drinking contest at a playground with Joey and Sebastian]

The Narrator: It was a hot day. Why, it was so humid that your skin could fray.

[Sebastian's skin starts to peel off one by one as he chugs down a bottle of water]

The Narrator: Constantinos was involved in a drinking contest, and boy was it a pest. His heart couldn't handle this much water -- he'd rather be hitting flies with a swatter. He drank so much, a sound came from his stomach.

Constantinos: Uh oh.

The Narrator: It was a sound that told him, "I need to go number one". And I'm not kidding. It was such a stun.

Constantinos: Hey, look, guys, I really gotta go. (runs away)

Joey: But there's a problem with my toe! I'm really paranoid it could grow.

Sebastian: It doesn't matter, let's go back and focus on the contest. We have to strive here for the best!

The Narrator: Constantinos ran like never before. He sprinted and sprinted, then squinted and splinted.

Constantinos: (falls down a 100-foot cliff) AAAAAAHHHH!!! (crashes to the ground) Ouch.

The Narrator: The poor slob desperately needed to use the bathroom, but first, he had to groom. He had to groom none other than the neighbor's pet dog! It was a shame that mutt belonged in a bog.

Neighbor: I'll pay you twenty bucks!

Constantinos: Aw shucks, now you're talking. But unfortunately, I can't. I must use your restroom, unless you want me to go "boom"!

Neighbor: Oh, my dog's in there.

Constantinos: I ain't going in there, then! The thing's got rabies. She doesn't deserve babies. (takes off)

The Narrator: And so, Constantinos returned to what he was doing. No, he wasn't just chewing. He had to find a private room, otherwise his name would be "Doom".

(Constantinos runs in his house and tries to open the bathroom door)

Constantinos: It's LOCKED! (pounds on the door)

The Narrator: As a result, he went outside, but the sun wanted to get him fried.

Constantinos: (to the audience) Forgive me for this. (goes into a bush and unzips his pants. Police car sirens are heard)

The Narrator: What's that? Did the cops join the scene? Uh oh, someone had spilled the beans!

Cop Chris: Get out of here, kid, this is private property.

Constantinos: Hey, I have more property than Monopoly!

The Narrator: Because of that act of impudence, Constantinos was sentenced to 19 years in the slammer. You see, kids, that's why you shouldn't be a yammer. Fortunately, he hasn't aged a bit, but he still felt like he would split.

Constantinos: Can't a guy just pee in peace for a change?! (runs off once again and heads to Fill 'Er In), but the bathroom has a sign on it that reads "Out of Order")

The Narrator: What's that?! "Out of Order"?! He would rather go across the border!

Constantinos: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

The Narrator: Shouted Constantinos.

Constantinos: This can't be happening.

The Narrator: Said Constantinos. Like what he would do in drastic times, he took in some air, and decided to eat a rare pear. Then, he ran a couple of miles to find a porta potty. Believe me, it was quite naughty.

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