You fought the law, and the law won!
— Ollie
Ollie Weston is a minor character in Edward and Eric. He is a student who attends Lakeside City School. He speaks with a West Country accent, and is voiced by Gary Sauls.


Ollie is an arrogant and overconfident hall monitor at Lakeside City School. He has a strong disdain for the students at the school, and he has a bad habit of calling teenagers "children", despite their ages.


  • Ollie owns an accordion, but he doesn't really play it fluently.
  • He is one of the four other hall monitors at the school.
  • Due to his shiny bald head, students usually call him nicknames, such as “Bowling Ball” or “Patrick Stewart”.
  • He has a major role in the Season 4 episode, I Fought The Law.
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