Managing a pizza parlor ain't easy, but it's no easier taking care of you two.
— Paul
Paul Pearson is a supporting character in Edward and Eric. He is the divorced husband of Susan, the father of Edward and Eric, and the owner of Pearson Pizza. Paul is voiced by Andrew Rannells.


Paul is very devoted to his work, which can sometimes lead to his sons feeling like their father's love is something they have to earn. Nevertheless, he cares deeply about them and is not afraid to punish them whenever the need arises.


  • At some point in the past, Paul worked as a garbage collector.
  • Paul has a strong rivalry with Bill Breault, and does not like the idea of Edward and Eric being friends with Bill's son, Stanley, although he never shows it.
  • During development of the series, Paul was voiced by Dan Castellaneta.
  • He claims to be lactose intolerant, even though he runs a pizza restaurant.
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