Sorry, but I beat you to the restroom by a zeptosecond.
— Peter
Peter Midcap is a minor character in Edward and Eric, and a student who attends Lakeside City School. He is voiced by Gary Sauls.


Peter is well known for being the fastest kid at the school. His record was being able to run to the center of the galaxy in just an attosecond, and still having time to visit every single planet - even the ones we are currently unaware of. However, it is true that his speed is just as big as his ego. He is extremely selfish and will talk down to anybody, no matter who they are.


  • Peter has at least two dream jobs: an astronaut, and a sports car racer.
  • His peers usually call him by his nickname, "Pete".
  • Peter has also been shown to be notoriously hyperactive.
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