Playing With Fire is episode 84b of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on March 2, 2002.


Charles has no choice but to control his anger, but when he fails, he gets forced to anger management classes, otherwise he'll have to face expulsion and paying off a tremendous fine. With the classes being taught by the Hippies, will he ever pass?

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  • Although this episode premiered in 2002, it was produced in 2001 according to the copyright date at the end of the credits.
  • Cream Pie by Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakefield serves as the title card track for this episode.
  • In the audio commentary for this episode, Andrew Rannells said this was the hardest episode for him to ever record due to the fact he had to put all his effort into Charles' lines for this episode so Charles could sound angrier than ever as a result of having to keep his calm. While this may not be out of the ordinary for most other voice actors, Andrew never yells due to having a calm, easygoing nature in real life (to the point where he had to be taught how to sound angry during development of the series).
    • The aftermath is that Andrew suffered from migraines and temporary voice loss for a while and had to take a few days off from work until he felt better.
  • The title is an idiom that refers to someone doing something dangerous that will cause great harm.


  • Edward has no outline at the beginning, when he points to Constantinos.
  • When the first paramedic asks "Where is he?!", there is no animation between him barging in and asking that.


(The episode opens with a relaxing shot of the school's front door. Suddenly, it gets kicked down, and a horde of paramedics burst in)

Dr. Feelwell: GO, GO, GO, GO!!!!!! WE'RE BURNING DAYLIGHT HERE!!!!

(Another swarm of paramedics burst the cafeteria's ceiling down with strength alone. The students scream and flee as the paramedics drop to the floor)

(At the outside of the school, the news is live)

B. Roadcast: Good morning, Lakeside! B. Roadcast here with an urgent news flash! A squad of paramedics have rushed into Lakeside City School. What could've happened this time? Let's find out. (literally turns invisible)

(Nurse Fracture's door gets kicked down, and B. Roadcast teleports in)

Paramedic #1: Where is he?!

(Edward points to Constantinos. We see a disturbing closeup of the latter. He has burns all over his body, as well as a black eye, a snapped-open leg, a torn tongue, scratches against his forehead, a bitten stomach and arms twisted into knots)

Edward: Uhhh, there?

Paramedic #2: Oh. We thought the mayor was in town.

(They all leave, grunting and muttering in disappointment)

Constantinos: (coughs and speaks weakly) Edward...

Edward: Oh, Constantinos! (cries) Say something.

Constantinos: (wheezes) Something.

(Edward looks annoyed)

Constantinos: Sorry, (coughs) it's all I could power to say.

Edward: It's fine. Who could've ever done this?!

Constantinos: Certainly not Carver.

(Camera immediately cuts to Charles and his parents in Walker's office. Mr. Goodman is by everybody's side)

Mr. Goodman: (unpleased) Ok, Charles. Tell Principal Walker what you did.

Mrs. Munsen: This can't be real. My son would never do such a thing. He'd never harm a fly!

(At that very moment, a fly enters the office, buzzing about. Charles quickly gets enraged. The fly lands on the wall, which Charles punches, creating a large hole. Charles suddenly realizes what he had done and sits back down)

Principal Walker: Yes, Charles, do confess. What possibly-justified act have you done, oh young one?

Charles: I... (looks at Goodman) well... I... (and his parents; he looks at Walker and sighs) I beat up Constantinos.

Mr. Goodman: And why did you do such a thing?

Charles: (puts his head down) Uhhhh... I wanted to go on the swings during lunch but he took the last one.

Principal Walker: (sarcastically) Tsk, tsk, tsk. Charles, you, are... (bursts with energy) A GENIUS!!!

(Everybody is shocked)

Mr. Goodman: Sir! He deliberately injured another student!

Principal Walker: (laughs maniacally) He's that kid in Dance, isn't he? Oh, I bet he won't be Twinkle Toes now! (laughs more)

(Mr. Goodman suddenly gets an idea. He takes out a papier mache butterfly attached to a fishing rod. Walker instantly becomes attracted to it)

Mr. Goodman: Oh, look sir, a pretty little butterfly!

Principal Walker: (sticks his tongue out like a dog) I got it, I got it!

Mr. Goodman: You want it, don't you? (tosses it out the window) Go get 'em, boy.

(Walker doesn't hesitate to dive out. An explosion occurs as he falls)

Mr. Goodman: Now, Charles, I want you to start controlling your anger!

Charles: "Control my anger"?! I AM CALM!!!!!!!

(A montage of Charles' outbursts of anger starts. We see Tony taking the last few chicken nuggets at lunch. Charles steals his tray and kicks him into a trash can. In the next one, he accidentally puts in the wrong chemical during Chemistry. His assignment explodes in his face, causing him to violently vibrate and blow up the school. Next, he trips on his shoelace and immediately explodes upon hitting the ground. In the final one, he pushes everybody in the hallway, causing them to explode)

Mr. Goodman: Charles, I don't deny you are a great student. But you need to think before acting.


Mr. Goodman: We all need you to stop yelling at and beating other people.

Charles: You can't blame me for-

Mr. Goodman: I'm not asking you to be kind to everybody. You won't like EVERYBODY in life. But I AM asking you to stop being violent.

Charles: You're not even-

Mr. Goodman: Understood?

Charles: (sighs) Understood.

Mr. Goodman: In fact, here is an everyday list of kind activities you can do. (hands him it)

Charles: Doesn't look TOO bad.

(However, the list unfolds)

Charles: WHAT?!

(It takes up most of the room)


Mr. Goodman: Charles! Volume!

Charles: Ugh, sorry. (takes out a remote and mutes the episode's volume)

Mr. Goodman: (captions: "Charles! Not THAT volume!")

(Then, he turns it back up)

Charles: Better get this out of the way. (starts reading the list) #1: Tell someone you love them and have a hug. (to the audience) I've never even hugged my parents. (turns to them) Ma? Pop? Uhhhh... I... I...

Mr. Munsen: Spit it out, son.

Charles: I... (slaps himself twice) I LOVE YOU!!!!! (launches himself) HUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGG!

Mr. Munsen: SON!!! WAIT!!!!

(Charles hugs them, but they both melt. Charles' flames go out, killing him as well)

(Later, he enters Nurse Fracture's office)

Charles: #2: Apologize to Constantinos. Oh great. (to him) Uhh... I'm sorry I beat you and stuff.

(Mr. Goodman happens to be walking by)

Mr. Goodman: Be more detailed and genuine.


Mr. Goodman: Charles, I am serious! Punishments will come if this problem isn't gone.

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