Brains, beauty and brawn fight to win it all!

Potens is a crossover fighting game developed and published by Hyacintho and released for the Hyacintho Waterway console on December 29, 2016. The game is known for its wide variety of crossovered content that originate from many different works and its high amount of customization. The game gathered very positive reviews upon its release, but it was criticized for frame rate drops and frequent crashes, both of which have been mostly patched with the arrival of new updates.


In a style similar to the Super Smash. Bros series of fighting games, players fight using fighters named poten on a stage. Before the fight, players choose their poten, the stage, and any other adjustable settings from the selection screens. In the fight, players have the options to use items that affect gameplay and attendants that can help, harm or distract players. Currency is in the form of silvi, which is rewarded after most battles to all participating players.

Each player is assigned their customizable home area, which they can visit. Homes also serve as a rest area for the player inbetween matches in some modes of play.


Main article: Multiplayer mode

In multiplayer mode, players can battle with one another either locally or through the internet.


  • Costume disable is a setting that disables the ability for poten to wear alternate costumes.
  • Friend or foe? is a setting that allows players on a team to attack each other.
  • Glow enable is a setting that enables a glow around players in a team based on their team color.
  • Pause disable is a setting that disables the ability to pause in battle.
  • Team treats is a setting in which some poten who are grouped into teams gain benefits in battle.


  • Potens is Latin for "powerful" and "be/being able to".
  • Potens has many similarities to the Super Smash Bros. series, and due to this, it is considered by some to be a spiritual successor.
  • Potens has an active modding community, and some of these mods are officially added into the game.