I faked my death right after marriage!
— Principal Walker
Gaylord Kenneth Walker, better known as Principal Walker, is a supporting character, and the secondary antagonist in Edward and Eric. He is the older brother of Nicholas, the husband of Diane, and the father of Aloysius, Emile and Chip. He is also the corrupt principal of Lakeside City School. He is voiced by Mike Pollock.


Principal Walker is a sadistic principal who is known to have a short temper, and is also known for abusing his authority as a principal. He tends to betray everybody he comes in contact with, including his own parents. The only thing he admires more than being manipulative happens to be food. In fact, his unhealthy eating habits have lead him to being obese.

Walker has a huge ego, and does not accept opinions from anybody else. He believes "he is the greatest person he knows" - to the point where he even calls himself a "genius". Although he does come up with wonderful schemes, he is extremely incompetent, and they always end up blowing up in his face (sometimes literally). Walker is also incredibly childish, as he still plays with dolls, and he constantly whines towards Mrs. White. He also gets freaked out by horror movies.


  • Although Walker has a job as a school principal, he does not receive any income thus resulting in him living in poverty with his family in a run-down basement apartment. In fact, the only reason why he even lives in the apartment in the first place is because Mrs. White always pays for his rent.
  • He owns a pet cat named Whiskers.
  • At some point in his life, Principal Walker was enrolled in the U.S. Navy with Mr. Crawford.
  • In the first season, Walker was more of an oblivious principal, and less of a psychopath. However, starting from Trouble at School, this personality trait completely changed.
  • He is highly allergic to wasp stings.
    • In fact, his voice deepens whenever he goes through an allergy reaction.
      • On a somewhat related note, during production of School Picnic, Mike Pollock was unable to deepen his voice, so Gary Sauls stepped in to provide Walker's allergy voice.
  • Walker currently shares the same voice actor as Dr. Eggman from the video game series, Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as Dr. Feelwell, Mr. Rattlebag, and various background characters.
  • Walker owns a golf cart, and he uses it as his main source of transportation.
  • Walker is infamous for being incredibly obese; however, he does show traits of being Acrofatic. He is capable of holding his own in brawls and can run at great speeds.
    • He is also strong enough to smash wooden structures, break open metal doors, and uproot trees, as well as other things that would be too heavy for a normal human to lift.
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