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Lemon, Chrome, Sophie, KK, TGB1, James

Proelium Dimension X-Over is an upcoming 2017 crossover beat 'em up game it will be released on September 20 2017. The game is a crossover of many Proelium Dimension franchises, the plot centres around a mysterious being who is altering the Proelium Dimension timeline in order to seemingly kill the heroes of the dimension, and the guardian of time (Cronus Proelium) recruiting various heroes from the dimension in order to fix the timeline and find out who's behind the chaos.


a being of unknown origin has began altering the timeline, he has began aiding the forces of evil, by boosting their power and getting people to assist them, this has all been done to seemingly defeat the forces of good. The guardian of time, Cronus Proelium, recruits various heroes from the dimension, who are all powerful enough to stand a chance against the upgraded, to assist the heroes of the past (each past hero's memories will be erased after each threat is dealt with) and to find out who is behind this chaos.

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The game plays similarly to may 3D beat 'em up games, such as Dynasty Warriors, each character can run, jump, and attack, they have light, heavy, and special attacks. Each character also has their own stats, so the player must choose the best character for each situation. Every time a character defeats an enemy, is healed, or collects a jewels (the game's currency) they fill up their Ultra Meter, which can be used to unleash devastating ultra attacks, stronger ultra attacks take up more energy from the meter, in multiplayer mode if a character pulls off an ultra attack while near a specific character, they can pull off an even more devastating team attack. The player can also use the ultra meter's energy to enter High Mode, a mode where all of the player's attacks, speed, and durability are increased exponentially.

The game is split into 7 chapters, which are each based off different shows in the Proelium Dimension, each chapter is split into 5 levels bringing the game's total level count to 35, most levels require the player to defeat enemies while advancing through the level, and then defeat a boss, however some levels require players to escort characters and defend certain areas.

Playable characters

  • Chrome
  • Sophie
  • Insecurity
  • TGB1
  • Lemon






Chapter Bosses

  • Travonz (Chapters 1 and 6)
  • Baraksih (Chapters 2 and 4)
  • Chimerus (Chapters 3 and 5)
  • ??? (Chapter 7)