Runaway Eric is a Comedy World VHS and DVD that were both released on November 6, 2000.


  • Eric Come Home - Eric has seemingly been forgotten by PC Guy. Feeling heartbroken, he decides to run away from home to live with his extended family!
  • Car Carnage - Eric cleans Paul's new car with Brillo pads, scratching it up in the process.
  • Who Framed Stanley Breault? - Stanley gets accused of smuggling in counterfeit dollar bills!
  • Alarm Clock Antics - Constantinos' alarm clock won't stop ringing, so he tries to destroy it in every way possible!


The DVD release includes two additional episodes.

  • Break Time? No! - Joey becomes addicted to a video game, and it seems to be affecting his life!
  • Football Follies - Constantinos decides to sign up for football. However, he is completely unaware of the consequences...

Bonus Features

  • The Making of Eric Come Home
  • Previews
  • Credits


  • Football Follies is the only episode on the DVD release that isn't from season 3.
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