Scary Movie is episode 20b of Comedy World. It premiered on Kids' WB on June 19, 1999.


It's Friday, which means it's movie night for The Lucky 6. But when they decide to watch a horror movie, Constantinos gets traumatized by it.



  • Happy Sponge Chase Vibes by Nicolas Carr serves as the title card track to this episode.
  • Although this episode premiered in 1999, the copyright date at the end of the credits is 1998.
  • Match Boy and Match Girl were supposed to appear in this episode, but were removed since they were deemed irrelevant to the plot.
  • At the end, The Lucky 6 (except for Constantinos) literally runs into the sunset - as in, they ran to the Sun. The Sun is 93,000,000 miles away from Earth. Assuming the average person can run 7 continual miles, it would take them 1,239 days of nonstop running. But what's impressive is that they all ran to the Sun within a few seconds.
    • To sum it up, The Lucky 6 is MUCH faster than the speed of light.


(The episode opens in The Lucky 6's headquarters)

PC Guy: Well, guys, it's Friday night. And you know what that means.

Everyone: MOVIE NIGHT! (a party horn can be heard)

Joey: I'm calling it: last one to the theater gets to eat rotten clams!

PC Guy: Actually, the saying is, "last one there IS a-

(Everybody has already taken off)

PC Guy: Shoot.

(The Lucky 6 is racing down the street to the movie theater)

(Dallas hops over a fence. PC Guy opens the fence's door and then closes it. Eric somehow squeezes himself through the fence's tiny hole)

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