I've finally acquired Issue #5 of Match Boy and Girl in mint condition!
— Sebastian
Sebastian Charmatz is a supporting character in Edward and Eric. He is the son of Kevin and his unseen mother, and is also the best friend of Eric. He is voiced by Eric Stuart.


Sebastian is portrayed as a stereotypical comic book nerd. He is very serious and obsessive about his comic book collection. He is also highly superstitious, and enjoys telling his friends spooky stories when the time is just right. In addition, he has been shown to be quite rebellious, and takes great pride in pulling pranks on people.


  • Sebastian is 12 years old.
  • Sebastian's voice actor, Eric Stuart, also provides the voices of Brock and James in the 4Kids dub of the Pokémon anime.
  • Sebastian's father happens to be the owner of Comic Fortress, which also happens to be him and Sebastian's place of residence.
  • Sebastian states several times throughout the series' run that he is going to purchase Issue #1 of Match Boy and Girl, but never did.
  • At one point during development, Sebastian was going to be a member of The Lucky 6.
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