I've been skipping school before you even knew what "skip" meant!
— Skipper
Skipper Hvatum is a recurring character in Edward and Eric. He is a student who "attends" Lakeside City School. He is of French descent, and he is voiced by Andrew Rannells.


Skipper is a teenager who lives up to his name by skipping school, meals, ceremonies, etc. and also by skipping wherever he goes rather then walking. Whenever he is actually attending school, he is an active con artist, selling many pointless devices and such to unsuspecting students. However, he does occasionally sell useful items (e.g. fake doctor's notes, firecrackers, stink bombs, etc), albeit for ridiculously high prices. One of his other main traits is his ability to outsmart authority figures, such as wearing a college jacket while off-campus so police officers would assume he's an adult.


  • Skipper and Eric often compete to see who can skip school the most times a month.
  • He happens to own a pet frog (who, humorously, is also named Skipper).
  • Skipper is only able to pay for his tremendous truancy fines by being a con artist.
  • He has access to the keys for the school basement.
  • He is best friends with Tony Gibbler.
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