Sleepwalking is episode 5a of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on October 3, 1998.


When Sebastian's sleepwalking problem gets out of hand, Eric takes it upon himself to cure it. Will his efforts pay off?

Cast (WIP)


  • This segment is available to watch on The Complete First Season DVD boxset.
  • This is Sebastian's first major appearance.
  • The cheese sculpture of Edward from Missing Pieces returns at the beginning, even though it was sucked up by the vacuum cleaner from said episode.


(It's a peaceful night in Lakeside City. Edward is sleeping in his bedroom, with Oscar sleeping in his cage next to the bed. Edward snores, but suddenly, a loud noise awakens him. His eyes open, and we see that they're bloodshot. He quickly sits up and scans the room until his eyes focus on the creaking door. He shivers and grabs a paddle ball)

(Edward sets off downstairs to investigate. Suddenly, he spots a dim light coming from the living room, and he hears stuff being thrown around)

Edward: (to himself, nervously) Oh my, an intruder in our own residence! But that's not the worst part! THEY'RE WEARING SHOES WITH THEIR PAJAMAS! ALL WHILE TOUCHING OUR FURNITURE!

(He peeks his eyeball out of the living room door to watch. The intruder is seen as a silhouette, and they unknowingly crash through the TV, a coffee table, a lamp, a cheese sculpture of Edward, and a recliner while walking around like a zombie)

Edward: (runs in) S-stay back! I-I-I've got a weapon to defend myself with!

(The intruder advances towards Edward)

Edward: Ok, that's enough! (shivers as he gets cornered) I'm not afraid to use this! I'M WARNING YOU! GET AWAY FROM ME!

(Edward bounces the paddle's rubber ball around, but the intruder gets closer)


(The intruder grabs Edward)

Edward: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The "intruder" turns out to be Sebastian)

Edward: (relieved) Oh! Sebastian! It's just you. Uh, please pardon me, but do you have any notion what time it is?

(Sebastian is half-asleep, and only groans as a response)

(Suddenly, Joey opens the apartment's door)

Joey: Hey Ed, unless Santa Claus is here early, will you pipe it down?!

Edward: Greetings, Joey. I apologize for making a racket earlier, but I believe Sebastian's having one of his sleepwalking mishaps again.

Joey: Why don't you take him to Idiot Central? That'll fix things. And I know just where it is.

(Camera immediately cuts to the outside of Eric's bedroom)

Joey: (trying to keep Sebastian still) Alright, easy there. We're here.

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