Hey, Edward, today marks your funeral! Aren't you excited? I've already decided whether your casket will be open or not!
— Snodgrass
Snodgrass Phthiraptera is a recurring antagonist in Edward and Eric, though he became the main antagonist in the show's 6th season. He is a student at Lakeside City School, and the rival of Edward. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Snodgrass is well known for being extremely intelligent, even more so than Edward himself. He has about 12 Nobel Prizes, and he is even willing to skip his current grade so he can be able to pursue his dream job as a college professor. He is generally selfish, impolite, and arrogant.

Despite Snodgrass’ intelligence, his schemes are always thwarted by Edward himself. In fact, he has only won in two episodes (with one ending on a tie).


Snodgrass' rivalry with Edward dates all the way back to when they were in preschool together. They originally saw each other as nothing more than acquaintances, but one day, they were tasked to do an art project. Edward made an exact replica of Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa and managed to get a high grade, while Snodgrass glued some macaroni pieces onto a sheet of paper and made the pasta look like an owl. He was merely given a grade of "Moderate".

The duo encountered each other again at the beginning of their second grade semester. However, it was revealed that Snodgrass has been holding a grudge on Edward for what happened back in preschool. Coincidentally, they had to work on a project for their school's science fair around this time. Edward ended up making a sentient robot that was capable of answering any question. On the other hand, all Snodgrass had was a baking soda volcano. This had only worsened his anger.


  • His surname is the scientific name for lice.
  • Some fans consider Snodgrass to easily be the most dangerous antagonist of the show. He is much smarter than the two other main antagonists, and has established more complex and deadly plans to permanently perish Edward.
  • He is partially based on Mandark from the animated series, Dexter's Laboratory.
    • Both of their laughs even seem to be identical.
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