Teams are a feature in Potens in which players can be grouped together in teams represented by a color.


There are 10 default team colors to choose from, with an unlockable 30, making a total of 40 team colors.


  1.      Blue
  2.      Red
  3.      Green
  4.      Purple
  5.      Yellow
  6.      Orange
  7.      Pink
  8.      Brown
  9.      Light gray
  10.      Dark gray


  1.      Pastel blue
  2.      Pastel red
  3.      Pastel green
  4.      Pastel purple
  5.      Pastel yellow
  6.      Pastel orange
  7.      Pastel pink
  8.      Pastel brown
  9.      White
  10.      Black


  • If the "team treats" setting is enabled, some poten who are grouped together in a team will gain boosts in battle.
  • If the "friend or foe?" setting is enabled, players have the ability to hurt other players in their team.