The Bank of Wank is a 2017 comedy film based on a bad drug trip envisioned by Seth Rogen, who then forced some company to pour $30 million into a script written in a day.


A lawyer named Hugh Mungus (Seth Rogen) is a chronic masturbator, whose addiction for choking his chicken becomes so vigorious that he begins to jerk it during a court case. He winds up on the FBI's most wanted list due to this incident, so he travels to London in an attempt to begin a new life for himself. There he meets the owner of a bank (Dwayne Johnson), who also shares the love of masturbating. The two then team up to legalize public masturbation in all nations and countries, changing the way humanity views what's right and what's wrong.


  • Seth Rogen as Hugh Mungus, a lawyer who moves to London after he is caught masturbating in public, and later attempts to legalize public masturbation
  • Dwayne Johnson as Homer Sexual, the owner of a bank in London who begins a campaign with Hugh to legalize public masturbation 
  • Adam Sandler as Adolf Hitler, former fuhrer of Germany who faked his death in 1945. He plans to use the public masturbation campaign as a way to regain control of Germany, protesting against it because Hugh is a jew.
  • Peter Dinklage as "Fuck", a small gnome-like man.