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The Benefits Scrounger Show is a documentary which follows the lives of benefits scroungers in the United Kingdoms as well as, more generally, the United Kingdom as a welfare state. It is not an original concept by all means, as it follows in the footsteps of Benefits Street, Benefits Britain: Life on the Dole, Benefit Busters, The Big Benefits Handout, On Benefits & Proud, The Jeremy Kyle Show and others.


The show follows the lives of benefits claimants all across the UK. It records as much of their lives as possible without violating privacy laws and other ethical guidelines. Those who appear on the show are often asked about their experiences of the benefits state, and their opinions on whether it is good or not.

This is all given context as statistics about benefits are stated with footage of council houses being played in the background, just to give an idea of how far the benefits state extends.


Season 1

  • Episode 1: A 32-year-old Californian immigrant benefits claimant tries to make a living for herself by creating videos on an online animation tool. (Aired: 2nd January 2016)
  • Episode 2: An 18-year-old computer science student from London is too lazy to work, so he finds alternative ways to make a living. (Aired: 4th January 2016)
  • Episode 3: A 34 year-old transsexual autistic American immigrant who lives with his mother is completely unaware of the world around him and believes that every human being is entitled to money. (Aired: 6th January 2016)
  • Episode 4: A 30-year-old mentally challenged man who yells at kids online is too hideous to work anywhere, and decides to claim disability benefits to spend on Power Rangers toys. (Aired: 8th January 2016)
  • Episode 5:


  • It was banned from all TV networks