Did you really think things would change from that moment onwards? What a fool you must be. You can't stop progress. And those centuries of progress I've made won't be erased.

I'm still here. I always will be. You'll never be rid of me. Not even in your dreams, pal.

And when I come back.

You'll regret everything.

...of course, but why bother anyways? Your mind is slipping by the second. Your outlook is becoming bleaker. Maybe soon, your level of cynicalism will finally reach his. That would be interesting to see.

Anyways, just know that you've made a big mistake. I'll be here, observing everything you do. I can use everything you've done against you when I get out of here.

And, oh boy have I seen a lot of things coming from you.

Sweet dreams. I won't let you stop me. This is not the conclusion.

take a guess.