The Game of Lice is episode 33a of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on February 5, 2000.


Thanks to Old Man Esmond using an old comb, lice begin to spread like wildfire all across Lakeside City.



  • The title is a reference to the popular board game, The Game of Life, which is sometimes simply called Life.
    • The title card also resembles the logo of said game.
  • This episode is available to watch on the Season 3 Volume 1 box set, and on the Misadventures in the West DVD outside of the United States.
  • Esmond doesn't even have hair to begin with, yet ironically, the conflict of the episode started from when he tried to "comb".
  • The title card track is basically Tentically Speaking albeit high-pitched.
  • This episode premiered during the Kids' WB Snow Jam.


(Episode begins with Esmond sadly walking down a sidewalk. He sighs as he sees a couple on a bench kissing each other, and a tear drop rolls down his face as he sees a romance show on TV at a Mockbuster store's display window)

(At Esmond's apartment, he heats up a TV dinner aimed at lonely people. After just a few seconds, he takes it out and eats it)

Esmond: Man, life sucks. I've been divorced over 10 times and nobody will ever date me. (gets an idea) Wait a minute! I know just the cure!

(Camera cuts to his bathroom. He opens up the mirror)

Esmond: I'll give myself a long overdue hairdo!

(He grabs a dusty comb from the mirror and blows away all the dust and germs. He starts combing his non-existent hair)

(We see a grotesque closeup of his scalp. A bunch of lice emerge from the comb and jump out, landing on his head. They let out screeches. Esmond scratches his comb across his head, and the lice move out of the comb's way. All the lice start biting his head)

Esmond: My hair looks much better now! I can feel it.

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