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Season No. Ep count Air date DVD release
1 30 September 20 2016-March 4 2017 September 21 2017

Season 1

# Name Description Air date Writer(s)
1 United Part 1 TBA
2 United Part 2 TBA
3 United Part 3 TBA
4 United Part 4 TBA
5 United Part 5 TBA
6 Duel While the force is investigating a series of unsolved murders in the countryside, Kevin is stalked by an infamous assassin, and is lead into a forest, alone, now he must fight for his life against an assassin who is nearly impossible for the naked eye to see.
7 Anger Management While on vacation in NYC, the force encounters TGB1, a person with the ability to manipulate fire, which grows stronger as he grows angrier. However, TGB1 seems to be angry all the time. The Metaroes try to help TGB1 with this, but only seem to make his anger worse.
8 The Conductor of Death Part 1
9 The Conductor of Death Part 2
10 TBA
11 TBA
12 TBA
13 TBA
14 TBA
15 TBA
16 TBA
17 TBA
18 Restaurant Ruckus In order to make more money, TGB1 opens a restaurant called TGB1 Burger. But he soon has to devote more time to the restaurant than he does the Metaroes.
19 TBA
20 TBA
21 TBA
22 TBA
23 TBA
24 TBA
25 TBA
26 TBA
27 TBA
28 TBA
29 TBA
30 TBA