The Paradigm
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Writer(s) .mynameischrome.
Seasons 3
Episodes 30

The Paradigm is an episodic interactive story created by mynameischrome. It will have three seasons with 10 episodes each. Taking place in the Proelium Dimension, it focuses on Trivance, a robot who helped saved the world, embarking on a new journey outside of New City, his home.

Episodes are written stories akin to choose-your-own-adventure books, accompanied by images, GIFs and original music.


Trivance is a sword-wielding robot who fends off threats and villains in his home, New City. However, weeks after he helps save the world with his friends from his archenemy Nova, he decides to leave his familiar territory to embark on a new journey somewhere else.



No. # Name Release date
1 1 Scarf in Snow 2017
To be announced.