The Sad Life of Miette The Closet Star Butterfly-Otherkin (shortened to "The Sad Life of Miette" in TV guide listings) is a 2017 animated series that is rated TV-14 about 14-year-old Miette Memeovich, a teenager who is too invested in fandoms and just so happens to be born on 4/20.



  • Miette: A middle class Canadian teenager who is obsessed with TV shows and dank memes nobody in her class has ever heard of. Miette is cynical and lazy, not having very much redeemable qualities.
  • Zephyr: Miette's best friend. His real name is Zachary, but he doesn't like his name given at birth, so everyone refers to him as Zephyr. Sometimes, Miette calls him "Zephy" and she is the only person that is allowed to call him that. Zephyr loves comics and hockey, as well as video games.
  • Prudence-Chan: A weeaboo who is Miette's other friend. Prudence-Chan absolutely loves anime, sushi and Japan despite being Canadian and partially Russian on her father's side. If someone calls her a weeaboo, she is likely to rage and throw a hissy fit. She often says words like "Konnichiwa", "Sayonara" and "Watashi".


  • Bailey: The main antagonst. The youngest child of a family that owns a cosmetics company, Bailey's school life is devoted to show off her new objects and to tease Miette because Miette isn't as fortunate as her. Bailey also runs a clique called "The Beautiful Roses" that composes of upper-class rich girls.
  • Melanie and Maren: Bailey's best friends who just happen to be twins. They agree with Bailey on everything, all the time. Melanie and Maren are also known to be competitive with eachother and also suck up to the principal at their school, by giving them roses and other such goods.
  • Mr. McDaniel: Miette, Zephyr, Prudence-Chan, Bailey, Melanie and Maren's teacher. He is very grouchy with all of his students except Bailey and her gang. He spends the school periods giving out difficult math sheets, and is also shown to be a hypocrite, by bringing in large cups of iced tea when students aren't allowed to take drinks in with them.


Season 1

  • [Episode 1] "Welcome to Hell" -