There's So Much to Sea is episode 24a of Comedy World. It premiered on Kids' WB on July 17, 1999.


Lakeside City is under a heatwave, and it prompts PC Guy, Eric and Joey to pay a visit to the beach.



  • Clips from this episode were seen during bumpers for the 2002 Kids' WB "Summer Sock Party".
  • This is the second time where a heatwave hits Lakeside City. The first instance was in the season 1 episode, Keep Cool.
  • In the credits, the shark is listed as "Monster".
  • This episode is available on the Cartoon Crack-Ups, Summer Shock and There's No Place Like Home DVDs, as well as the box set for The Complete Second Season.
  • This is one of the few episodes where PC Guy is never seen in his normal clothes. Throughout the episode, he wears nothing but his trademark swimming trunks.
  • You're Nice by Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakefield serves as the title card track for this episode.


(The episode begins with a panning shot of Coney Island)

The Narrator: Ah, Coney Island. Where the sun is hot, but nowhere near as much as the trademark hot dogs. Today, we see our friends trying to beat the heat by coming here to relax.

(PC Guy, Eric and Joey arrive at the beach, and they're sweaty from the heatwave)

PC Guy: Well, here we are, guys.

Eric: Why are we here so early?!

PC Guy: We want to get a good spot, remember? Besides, we're here an hour-

(The beach is already crowded)

PC Guy: ...early.

(Suddenly, he finds the perfect spot and we hear "Hallelujah" playing)

(PC Guy rushes to the spot, but Tony races him to it, and once they reach it, he sits on PC Guy)

(PC Guy quickly digs himself out)

PC Guy: (weakly gets up, with stars circling his head) God, my life flashed before my eyes. (suddenly, he gets an idea) Wait, there's a spare spot! And it looks like Carver's heading to it! (takes off faster than the speed of light)

(Cut to Carver and Lola)

Carver: This view of the ocean reminds me of you, babe.

(We see a disturbing closeup of the ocean, and it's filled with garbage patches)

Lola: So you're telling me I'm trash?

Carver: No no no no no! Not like that! I didn't know the ocean water was that dirty! I...uhh...well, you see..umm...

Lola: Oh, I like it when you call me bad names like that. (grabs Carver by the shoulder and rubs his chest with her finger) You naughty, naughty boy.

Carver: (wipes his forehead) Phew.

(PC Guy is rushing to the spot, but somehow, Carver and Lola have already reached it before PC Guy could. Carver punches PC Guy's face so hard his fist goes deep into his face)

Carver: You want this spot, PC Dork? Well, too bad! I didn't see any reservations! (kicks him so hard that he's sent flying) Hasta la vista, Empollón Inútil!

(PC Guy screams as he's sent flying, and he lands on the worst spot in the beach: the one filled with seagulls)

(Eric and Joey walk up to him)

Eric: Maybe you could politely ask Carver for that spot back.

PC Guy: (muffled) Don't make a dumb situation dumber than it already is.

(Cut to PC Guy, Eric and Joey swimming)

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