Template:Under Construction Toludus is a multinational software and hardware developer headquartered in England, it started life as a toy manufacturer, but soon started developing games and consoles.


In 1979 Toludus was founded by Jim Caul, originally it focused on manufacturing action figures, however the figures sold poorly and Toludus was on the verge of bankruptcy in 1982, however Jim was not one to give up, he realized that video games were becoming increasingly popular, so he fired all of his employees, and hired no ones, he spent the company's budget on creating an arcade game named "Space Shootout" an overhead shooter, the machine made tonnes of money, and soon Toludus started producing more arcade machines and they soon became a successful company, then, in 1983, Toludus released their first console, the Mercury, however it was a complete failure, this was mostly due to the video game market crash of 1983, Toludus was again, facing bankruptcy, however,in 1984, they released an arcade beat em up named Platinum Sword, and it was so successful, that Toludus was placed back on the map, in 1986 they started working on a game console named the Sphinx in order to compete with the NES and the Sega Genesis, and through the use of clever marketing, the Sphinx was a success, and Toludus is making games to this very day.


Name Generation(s) Release date Sales (Millions)
Mercury Second generation September 11 1982 1
Sphinx Fourth generation December 1 1987 56
Sphinx 2.0 Fifth generation November 12 1994 60
Sphinx Infinite Sixth generation October 3 2001 70
Sphinx Revolution Seventh generation September 3 2008 73
Neo Sphinx Eighth generation July 21 2013