The Toludus Sphinx is a 16 bit home video game console that was manufactured by Toludus, succeeding the poorly received Mercury System, released as a direct competitor to the Sega Master System, and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) the Toldus Sphinx launched in 1985 to commercial and critical success.


After the video game industry crash of 1984, Toludus fell into a financial crisis, but after a slew of sucessful arcade games, it placed itself back on the map, after witnessing the success of the NES, Toludus released the Sphinx to compete with it, however, stores were refusing to stock non Nintendo/Sega consoles, so Toludus had to market its console as "an advanced toy for the teens" and included a light gun game called Grave Slayer, after a few months of being on the market, Toludus started releasing the Sphinx with a different game TBA