What can I do to please Zachary? Oops, I mean Kimberly.
— Travis
Travis Harrison is a recurring antagonist in the animated series, Edward and Eric. He is the football captain at Lakeside City School, and is considered to be the most popular student. He is voiced by Jason Griffith.


Travis is known to be athletic (although the possible main reason is because it's rumored that Coach Monumental gives the Jocks steroids), and very competitive in sports. He won't hesitate to roughhouse with his peers. Quite humorously, he is slightly smaller than all the other Jocks. He is rather unlucky with girls, and it is not atypical for him to be constantly interested in pursuing a relationship, even though he dated Kimberly Matthews throughout the first three seasons. He is a stereotypical "dumb jock" and always puts sports over his academics.


  • Travis is skilled in martial arts, particularly Krav Maga.
    • He has also been shown to successfully perform parkour.
  • It is rumored Travis continues to sleep with a stuffed animal at night.
  • He was formerly in a relationship with Kimberly, until she was dropped from the show in mid-Season 3.
    • In a season 5 episode, Travis hinted that Kimberly had moved out of Lakeside.
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