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Trump in The House is a 3017 North Korean animated series, it follows the life oh Donald Trump, the greatest president to have ever lived.


in the year 2015, Donald J. Trump decided that he had enough, and decided to run for president, he was mocked by the media, but in the end, he got the last laugh. in 2017 he moved into the White House, and started his presidency.


  • Donald J. Trump: The main protagonist of the show and the 45th president of the United States of America, he fights to protect his country from the evils of the world.
  • Barron Trump: Trump's son, Barron is a 10 year old white boy who runs a cyberbullying channel and hates his own father.
  • Mike Pence: Trump's vice president, Mike is secretly Adolf Hitler, who faked his death and has managed to stay alive for so long by eating green beans every day, he secretly hates Trump and wants to kill him so he can become prez
  • Libelulz: the main villains of the show, the Libelulz and the arch enemies of the Republican party, they secretly control the media and try desperately to destroy Trump's image.
  • The Clintons: an elderly couple who attempt to destroy Trump by framing him
  • Laci Green The Triggering Queen: Ruler of the Libelulz, with nice double D's.