(roars loud and long)
— The Rex

The Ty-Rannell-Saurus Rex, also known as The Rex for short, is a minor antagonist in Comedy World. It is a large, aggressive T-Rex. It is voiced by Frank Welker.


The Ty-Rannell-Saurus Rex is a large T-Rex whose face happens to be that of Andrew Rannells, hence its name. It is very aggressive and won't hesitate to attack anybody it encounters, including its parents. The Rex is able to join forces with other people, but only when it suits its own personal interest, such as in one episode where PC Guy promises to give it steak. However, these business relationships never last long. Nothing can make the Rex show signs of fear, though it is a bit puzzled whenever Eric acknowledges it as one of his friends.


  • Its appearance at the end of Prehistoric Eric seems to indicate that it has been around for millions of years, and is likely immortal.
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