thanks to the roblox developers, the roblox community is growing badder and badder with oders and all that. since the price floor update, the developers just keep on making bad updates to roblox for money, because y'know, they're greedy. a small or big portion of the roblox community including me are ravaging and hating on the new updates such as the latest server list removal, which is to prevent bots from spreading. in my perspective, this update was useless and dumb. i mean, the bots were pretty harmless if i'm correct. the view bots in the forums were also harmless too, all they do is just give you more views for your threads.

now for the forum upgrade (aka forum downgrade). this update was another pointless one by the roblox developers. sure, it might make the moderators' jobs more easier and make the forums "kid-friendly", but nevertheless they didn't care about the roblox community once again. off-topic is a clubhouse i love and i usually hang around in with other people in there, and sadly i am disappointed to hear that the new forum upgrade will come in the 27th. however i might occasionally post on rn&d to see if any ot'ers are still alive, so yeah. thanks alot, roblox. even the stupid roblox youtubers who attract dumb kids to roblox.

if you want to complain about this, go ahead. this is just my perspective of 2017 roblox.

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