aka Sade

  • I live in Inkster,MI
  • I was born on March 28
  • My occupation is Drawing And Typing Stories
  • I am Female
  • SadeTheHedgehog328

    You know what?

    December 8, 2019 by SadeTheHedgehog328

    I'm coming back to this cause I Have more Good ideas for something based off what happened....  well Let just say it was some drama going on with someone and I Said some stuff that made a thing talking about it and how the Drama is bad.and how drama can effect and let's just they listen to me and they Stopped... so yeah... 

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  • SadeTheHedgehog328

    I know I have Barely Active on this wiki... Cause you guys are just  mean! Why I'm saying this? Well you Banned me from the Discord Server just because I broke one rule... And for I say Y'all are just like Those DA users! Cause you don't even care! You care about no one but yourself! And I'm might leave cause y'all are a selfish! Cause should never have to be y'all... So yeah...

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  • SadeTheHedgehog328

    To anyone who wants to know where I have Been for many Months... well mostly I've been busy... with life and I feel like no one likes this girl Creative ways so yeah and Here the the Trailer for the Horror Series: and something if want to join this thing:

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  • SadeTheHedgehog328

    Well I'll tell everyone about My Ocs (well some in Halloween Costumes....) here I go!

    Painbow as Strawberry Shortcake (1980's version) 

    Crybaby the Manokit as Strawberry Shortcake (1980's version) 

    BabyDoll The Manokit as Apple Dumplings from Strawberry Shortcake (1980's version)

    Sakura Connally as Princess Peach 

    Rainy The Rainbow Unicorn as Alice Angel from BAIM

    Cloudy as a Ghost

    Carrie The Neon Rainbow Satanist Smilodon as a Evil Murderous Bride

    Lil-Angel the Manokit as a Fairy

    Happy The Happy Birthday Cloud as Limeade Fox

    Tankie The Rabbit as Build (Kamen Rider Build) 

    Mighty The Dog as Fluttershout

    Bumble-Bee The Crux as Rumor Honeybottoms from Cuphead 

    Pr1c3ss The Protogen as Kamen Rider Mad Rogue

    That all of them! (For now) 

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  • SadeTheHedgehog328

    Well I'm Back from The Furry Con It was Awesome! cause I seen many Furries there some on there Fursuits and stuff! Also I was at Fursuit Parade Last Saturday there were 2 video of it So I'll one: This one: (I appear on the 5:21 Mark I'm Short one wearing a light Pink Dress and Holding a Bone and saying "Gigi Gigi") The other I will Link In the comments.

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