Valentine's Day in Lakeside is episode 34a of Edward and Eric. It premiered on Kids' WB on February 12, 2000.


In celebration of Valentine's Day, Principal Walker hosts a school dance, and since The Lucky 6 have never been to one, they decide to go. However, they learn the hard way that not all dances are planned to go right...

Cast (WIP)


  • Although this episode premiered in 2000, it was produced in 1999 according to the copyright date at the end of the credits.
  • This episode premiered as part of the Team Rocket's Villain-tines Day marathon.
  • Despite being a Valentines Day-theme episode, it wasn’t uncommon to see this episode air all throughout the year.


(The episode opens up with The Lucky 6 blindfolded, except for Joey, who is leading them)

Stanley: Where the heck are we going?

Joey: I ain't spoiling, I'm no buzzkill.

(They walk a little more further)

Joey: Ok, here we are!

(Joey uncovers the blindfolds)

Edward: Oh dear! A poster for the annual dance - tonight! If only we'd had known sooner.

Joey: Well, who's the man with the plan?

Eric: Joey's the man! (laughs)

Joey: And only losers stay at home when there's a dance, so we've gotta go!

Edward: I can't recall an instance where we have ever been to one, and I don't have much going on tonight, so I'll attend.

Dallas: Count me in.

Constantinos: (nervously) Me too...

Stanley: Eh.

(Eric is still laughing)

Joey: If you could excuse me...

(Joey takes off faster than Usain Bolt running to the restroom, and he quickly builds a stand. After finishing it, he puts up a sign that reads "SIGN UP TO DATE JOEY!", followed by a cruddy drawing of him)

(Gordon walks up, heavily breathing, and he writes his name on the sign-up sheet. He breathes again, this time it comes down heavier)

Joey: (takes the paper away from him) No way, Twig Boy! (looks around) Uhh... (to Tamara, who walks by) Hey, Tamara! You'll go with me to the dance, right?


(Camera cuts back to the rest of the gang)

Dallas: Edward, are you sure you'll get a date on time?

Edward: Don't worry, Dallas! I won't let you guys down!

(Camera immediately transitions to the apartment)

Edward: Oh, Oscar. I WILL let the guys down. I can never seem to get a date.

Oscar: (hoots)

Edward: No, that was Ash who brought his yellow pet rat. Besides, how else am I ever going to ask out Kimberly Matthews?

Oscar: (hoots)

Edward: What is it, Oscar? Whaddya have?

(Oscar takes out a book from his own skin, since his Fur is Clothing)

Edward: Good idea, Oscar!

(Cut to a time card)

The Narrator: Later that night...

Edward: So, page 1 of The Official Dating Guide: pickup lines. Eric, are you ready?

(Camera pans out to reveal Eric dressed as a girl. He's wearing lipstick, an orange wig, a purple dress and a matching purse)

Eric: I've never felt more comfy in my own skin before!

Edward: Alright then. (clears his throat and reads from the book) Hey babe, are you a college? Because I'm gonna end up wasting all my time and money on you and end up disappointed. (puts the book down and frowns) These will never wor-

(Eric smacks him with the purse)

Edward: OW! (picks up the book) Hey girl, are you a GPA? Because I could do better if I tried.

(Eric smacks him again)

(Later, Edward is in a body cast)

Edward: Eric, can't I be the girl instead?

Eric: No way, this dress is a shell of my true self!

Edward: Yeah? It's the same for me as well! (grunts) Never mind. (puts the book away) I'll have to think of a better plan.

Eric: Not yet, mister! You promised to take me out to the steakhouse!

(Edward looks at the audience in worry)

(Later, everybody is ready except for the brothers)

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